CIG and BIG seminars


The CIG seminar series strives to host a great variety of speakers ranging from new colleagues that recently joined our University, to young and upcoming researchers that made important contributions, to international renowned experts including Nobel prize laureates.

As the CIG faculty works on a broad ranges of research topics, also the invited speakers represent a broad range of fields exposing the audience to other than their own which will hopefully foster out-of-the-box thinking.

Guest speakers not only share their views and findings during the seminar but are asked to stay the day and have one-to-one in depth discussion with the CIG faculty, post-docs, and students. These discussions allow the external visitors to get a detailed insight in the breath and quality of the research performed at the CIG and hopefully contribute to give the CIG the international visibility it deserves. Moreover, it allows post-docs and students to network and learn not only about the science but also about career options and choices.

The CIG seminar series is also a regular opportunity not only to learn about the latest and most exiting research, it also represents a regular opportunity to interact with other CIG members and members of nearby departments attracted by the CIG seminar series.


An important feature of the Dorigny campus is its interdepartmental spirit.

The BIG seminar series embodies this aspect of the fundamental research at the FBM. The invited speakers are at the cutting edge of their respective discipline and work on the most challenging and important problems at the interface of genomics, genetics, microbiology, plant biology, and evolution.

The seminars are always thought provoking on wide-ranging topics from using bacteriophages to make batteries to climate change, without forgetting about how plants adapt to their environment and how genomics is transforming biomedicine.

The BIG seminars foster interactions between the departments and provides an opportunity for students, postdocs, and faculty members to interact with the invited guests through one-on-one discussions and with each other informally at the social event organized after each monthly seminar.

CIG Symposia

A highlight of the CIG calendar is the annual symposium, which brings together the leading scientists on a given topic related to the CIG research.
The CIG Symposia are especially well suited to promote the interaction of young researchers with world leaders in their respective domains. The small size of the conference, moderate inscription fees and the familial atmosphere provide the right setting to promote world-class research approachable even to scientists at the beginning of their careers.
A poster session is organized in parallel with a standing lunch, to foster exchanges between the main invited speakers and the junior scientists.
Indeed, the CIG Symposia are especially well suited to promote the interaction of young researchers with world leaders in their respective domains. We deem such events an incredibly valuable experience for PhD students and postdocs to enter the international scientific arena in an affordable fashion.