List of PhD obtained


Tanja Bhuiyan (group Herr): Mechanisms of OGT-mediated HCF-1 protein maturation10/07/15

Adem Bilican (group Kaessmann): The evolution of alternative splicing patterns and regulatory mechanisms – 28/04/15

Nicolas Bonhoure (group Hernandez): Characterization of a MAF1 knockout mouse model – 11/12/15

Anastasia Chasapi (group Xenarios): Development and application of computational methodologies in qualitative modeling – 25/03/15

Ngoc-Hien Du (group Gatfield): Post-transcriptional regulation of circadian gene expression by miRNAs – 18/09/15

Markus Kohnen (group Fankhauser): Genome-wide transcriptional responses to shade: Linking shade avoidance and auxin – 11/02/15

Sha Li (group Tafti): Targeted inactivation of hypocretin receptors in dopaminergic and noradrenergic systems alters brain activity in wakefulness – 29/06/15

Patrick Meylan (group Michalik): Are PPARs novel therapeutic targets to improve Melanoma treatment? – 21/01/15


Francesco Carelli (group Kaessmann, c/o Marques): Functional evolution of retrogenes and regulatory regions in mammals – 24/08/16

Shannaz Diessler (group Franken): Towards an understanding of sleep regulation: two genetic approaches in the mouse – 15/07/16

Iris Finci (group Kaessmann, c/o Hernandez): Evolution of untranslated regions of mRNAs in primates – 13/07/16

Andreas Gschwind (group Reymond): Functional impact of genetic variation on gene expression – 08/01/16

Meghna Kannan (group Reymond, c/o Binnaz Yalcin): Etude du rôle de WDR47 dans le système nerveux central – 14/12/16

Nicla Loviglio (group Reymond): Genomic rearrangements and diseases – 20/06/16

Cyril Mikhail (group Tafti): Sleep in vitro : Erk pathway regulates sleep duration and sleep related genes – 11/02/16

Leonor Rib Perez (group Herr): Transcriptional programs during mamalian cell proliferation – 06/07/16

Mariano Schiffrin (group Desvergne): Sex dimorphism of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease – 27/05/16

Ali Seifinejad (group Tafti): Lateral hypothalamic neurons: From development to disease – 01/12/16