CIG Central services

Science is not only about doing science, it is also about enabling scientists to do science. The reproducibility of experiments in a biological laboratory would (and should) become rather questionable if the quality of products and materials would be less than impeccable – or not available because someone forgot to order them in time – or if technical assistants would not take care of and/or did not know how to handle equipment. Doing experiments with Drosophila could get tedious if the fly rooms could not be kept at the correct temperature, and the knock-out mice would be knocked out for sure if people from the animal facility would not take proper care of them. And who dares to imagine a CIG where there is no IT support if the computer makes “Beep” – and nothing else but that – or wants to contemplate over a scenario without administrative assistants within the walls of the institute? And surely, the Center for Genomics would be far less Integrative if people from the genotyping, phenotyping and sequencing facilities would not guarantee the highest experimental standards. Working together in the field of experimental and/or computational biology allows scientists to create success in a way that would be difficult, if not impossible, as compared to working alone. Indeed: “If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together”. As such, it comes hardly as a surprise to state that the strength of the CIG, like every other research institute, comes from team work among its members. All of them.

Central services

in 2015 – 2016

Chief Operating Officer:
Nicole Vouilloz

Corinne Dentan
Kyle Marshall
Julie Papet
Fabienne Sauvain

IT Service:
Fanny Gex
Laurian Walpen

Washing Facility:
Sylvie Demierre
Joan Justiniano
Iraida Villar – Yanez

Stock, Maintenance and Ordering:
Marlyne Berger
Noura Egger
Christiane Freymond

Animal Facility:
Martha Bone Quinonez
Patrick Gouait
Alain Guéniot
José Luis Huaman Larios
Sarah Jaffré
Fabienne Junod Fontolliet
Brigitte Lagnel
Cynthia Liardon
Marie-France Piguet
Mathieu Piguet
Caroline Ravy

Phenotyping Facility:
Catherine Moret

Genotyping Facility:
Armelle Bauduret (Yvin)
Katharina Hausherr
Marina Pronina

Workshop and Security:
Gilles Boss

Apprentices :
Yashashvi Singh Bhugowon
Laure Chérix
Elodie Colonello
Lisa Haerri
Ridge Mafuala Muana

Gaëlle Awad
Annabelle Brodeur
Fanny Durussel
Kevin Navarro
Tabitha Ngombo